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African American Books

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... that deals with rewriting history. There are two references used for this paper.
Many people today are interested in finding out what happened in the past. They research history through the numerous books that are supposed to contain factual information. This books can be deceiving, however. Many of them are written from the author's point of view, instead of what actually happened.
The Indians
There ...
... the colonists had to endure. The books may also contain inaccurate maps of the land in colonial days.
Some older textbooks deal mainly with the white colonists and barely mention Native Americans or African Americans. They gloss over facts concerning the variety of immigrants that came to America in search of a new life, concentrating mainly on the English settlers. Newer textbooks, in contrast, are attempting to ...
... in many textbooks, magazine articles and non-fiction works. Though many are trying to correct inaccuracies, they are hampered by the uncertainties and conflicts concerning the facts available.

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Gates, Henry Long. "Indians": Textualism, Morality and the Problem of History.
Race, Writing and ...

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